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Standard Estimate

We write a standard estimate from Matterport or photos.

Customized Estimates

We write a custom estimate adding appropriate items missed in original estimate.

Construction Estimates

We accurately assess the total costs for a project by providing a comprehensive list of materials and costs. (Various software types)

Increased Profits with Estimates that Capture Everything!

We go beyond Xactimate and Symbility.

Our team uses decades of estimating experience, Symbility, Xactimate, proprietary software, and the most up-to-date macros to deliver quotes that consistently deliver 30% more profit.,

  • Send us one of your recent estimates.
  • We’ll do a free estimate review.
  • We will show you exactly what you missed.

Our clients average 20% more revenue on their estimates.

Our experts have been claims processors in major insurance companies.
We know what you can charge for and what you can’t.
We know what the insurance companies will pay for and what they won’t.

Symbility and Xactimate

Among several companies already using Symbility, several providers in insurance industry seem to be moving to Symbility.

You will need to understand how Symbility works versus Xactimate. Or let us do it and save time and money.

Our team will create Symbility quotes for you faster and for less money than an in-house estimator.

Do the Math!

Using Xactaquote as your full-time estimator is less expensive than hiring someone in-house.

Let’s do the math:

$59,557  Avg Resto Estimator Salary
1.4x   SBA’s multiplier for additional employee costs
$83,379  Avg. TOTAL cost for in-house estimator

$550  Avg. cost for Xactimating estimate – 25K to 50k
$0  Additional costs, fees, taxes, etc. – NONE
$550  Total cost for a quote from Xactaquote

152 – That’s the number of 25k to 50k estimates your in-house estimator will need to produce to be less expensive than Xactaquote.

Your estimator would need to produce 1.5 quotes EVERY WORK DAY!
(240 work days/year ➗ 151 estimates to pay their salary)

Is your estimator producing 1.5 quotes a day, every single working day?

If not, you’re losing money.

The Advantages of

Xactaquote is your secret weapon to conquering your competition.

Save money! - Only pay for the quotes you need. Save tens of thousands in salaries and employee headaches.

Get a FREE quote comparison!

We’ll compare your quote with what we can do.

If you’re not using Xactaquote, you’re leaving money on the table!